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    Similarities in Red Mask and Red Mask Medley - Juli3lmo ♥

    I miss. :)

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  2. A Little Bit

    Elmo was standing outside Julie’s classroom, waiting for her last class to be over so they could go home together. He was thinking a lot of things lately about them and her bestfriend’s statement earlier didn’t help answer his questions. It just made him overthink more.

    He and Julie had been exclusively dating for almost seven months now. They didn’t announce it to everyone, much less to each other, but it was obvious enough to the people around them that what they have was more than just friendship. They started as friends though, then they just found theirselves being drawn to each other. Even though it was already months ago, they haven’t really admitted or said anything to each other. What they couldn’t express in words, they compensated it with actions. Besides as what people say, actions speak louder than words.

    But still, sometimes people need the confirmation of those words. It still makes a significant difference to say the words out loud and to hear them directly from the people you love.

    He was still in deep thoughts when Julie finally walked out of the room and approached him.

    "Moe, tara na?" She asked him with a smile.

    Elmo snapped out of his stupor and blinked at her. “Si—sige,” he blurted out then started walking without waiting for her. He then realized what he did so he stopped, turned around and waited for her.

    Julie just frowned a little then smiled again at him and walked beside him. When she was finally by his side, he draped his right arm around her shoulder as she wrapped her left arm on his waist, her other free hand reaching for his right hand to intertwine their fingers. It was a habit they had acquired over the months they spent together so they didn’t even notice how synchronized their moves were.

    He then finally spoke when they were finally out of campus. “Hinahanap ka sa akin ni Maqui kanina,” he mumbled without looking at her.

    "Ah, yep. Nagkita na nga kami—"

    He then cut her off. “I asked her kung ba’t sa akin ka niya laging hinahanap..”

    "Eh siyempre kasi lagi kitang kasama, di ba?" She said as she looked up to him, a crease on her forehead.

    He was a quiet for a moment, gathering the courage to say the words out loud. “Sabi niya, kasi boyfriend mo daw ako,” he blurted out then he finally looked straight into her eyes. “Am I?”

    The last two words came out weakly as he was afraid of what she might answer. He suddenly wanted to take it back, not wanting to hear what she was going to say but deep inside, he was really dying to know the answer.

    She stopped walking as soon as the words came out of his mouth. Julie pulled away from his arms and just thoughtfully looked at him, thinking of what to say.

    He felt like he was waiting forever for her to speak but it was only just a few seconds. He was surprised when she started to smile at him like she finally saw the sun for the first time. She reached for his hand again and squeezed it before she finally spoke. “Tara, Moe. Kain muna tayo bago mo ‘ko ihatid sa bahay.”

    It was not what he was expecting from her and he didn’t know if he should feel relieved or disappointed with her avoiding his question. But he decided to let it go for now and have her way. He reluctantly nodded at her but she was already dragging him with her as she looked for a place to eat.

    Elmo didn’t speak much the entire time they were eating at the restaurant, as he wondered why she dodged his question. Though Julie tried to lighten the mood and he did his best to cooperate, he was confused and hurt to laugh convincingly at her jokes. He suddenly thought Julie might not even feeling the same way about him. He realized that having an answer even if it was not what he wanted to hear was better than saying nothing at all.

    It was when they were walking back home that Julie broke the silence between them. “Bakit ang tahimik mo? Are you still thinking about what Maqui said earlier?” Her voice was laced with concern and uncertainty.

    She stopped walking and he noticed that they were already standing in front of her house.

    He dared to look at her but he couldn’t read her expression. “Why didn’t you answer my question?”

    It was not an angry question but he knew she could hear the frustration in his voice.

    "Because I don’t have one yet," she whispered then she bit her lower lip. She was looking at everywhere but him.

    Elmo sighed defeatedly and reached for her hands to hold them as he finally asked what he was dreading to say. “Ano ba ko sa buhay mo?”

    That was when she finally looked back at him. Her eyes showed something he didn’t notice before and somehow, it gave him warmth and hope.

    She squeezed his hands and stepped closer to him. “You’re special to me, Moe. And apart from my Dad, ikaw lang ang lalaking mahalaga sa buhay ko,” she said without missing a beat. “I didn’t answer your question because I really don’t know yet. All I know is that… you make me happy. I’m happy when I’m with you and when I’m not, I keep thinking of you. And I’m always looking forward to every moment that I’ll see you again.”

    He didn’t know what to say so he remained silent. He just wanted a little bit of assurance from her that she was feeling the same way about him. But what Julie revealed was more than what he was asking. If it was not a declaration of love, he didn’t know what to think of it.

    She then continued, “That’s the only answer I can give right now… But if you’d just be patient with me, it won’t be soon before long.”

    When he still didn’t say anything, she heaved a frustrated sigh and took his face between her hands. “Magsalita ka naman,” she pleaded.

    He was trying to look at her eyes but her lips distracted him as she moved closer to him. He was about to say something but he felt her breath on his lips and he couldn’t remember what he was thinking anymore. All of his doubts vanished away when he saw the determined but soft look in her eyes and heard the sincerity in her words.

    He realized that maybe she was not just ready yet and she was scared. He was too but he was willing to take the risk. And he was willing to wait for her, especially now that he finally knew that they were both feeling the same way.

    But the urge to kiss her couldn’t wait any longer so he held her face gently and leaned in closer. He looked straight into her eyes as he asked, “Will you let me kiss you?”

    He noticed that her gaze was shifting from his lips to his eyes then back to his lips again, and it stayed there as she answered, “Yes.”

    So he did. And she kissed him back.

    And for him, a little bit of her was enough.. for now. Because though he would wait for her no matter how long it took, he could feel from the way she kissed him back that he didn’t have to wait longer. She’d get there soon enough.

  3. Find You

    He was on his way home from work when he received a call from Julie’s mother. She was worried with Julie who haven’t gone home yet and they couldn’t reach her phone. When he asked what happened, her mom told him that it was her brother’s death anniversary today. Elmo immediately understood and made a U-turn to look for her. He searched everywhere: the cemetery, the park, her condo and all the places he thought she would go when Julie wanted to be alone. Then it hit him that she would want a distraction rather than peace of mind so he went to a bar where they used to party and hang out.

    When Elmo walked in the club, he immediately found Julie in the middle of the dance floor, moving her body to the beat of the music he knew she loved dancing to; getting herself lost in the song like it was nobody’s business. He wanted to kiss her right there and thank her for choosing a bar that was going to be safe for someone who wanted to get drunk and just forget the world like her.

    The place was a high-end bar and only members could access it, so it didn’t worry him too much that she went all alone there because he knew all the customers who usually go and party in the club.

    He didn’t walk to her right away, instead he just stood from a comfortable distance and watched her intently. He had always enjoyed to watch her from afar. He always had this kind of peace whenever he looked at her, especially when she was not aware.

    He wanted to smile for seeing her so happy and dancing but it pierced his heart knowing that deep inside, she had been going through a lot lately. That was actually the very reason she was there. It was not because she was celebrating something but she was trying to distract herself from the pain of her brother’s death anniversary.

    He noticed that a few pairs of eyes started to fixate on Julie, also watching in awe as she moved her hips gracefully along with the music. Some of the girls went to dance with her while their boyfriends just bobbed their heads to the beat as they followed their dates. She always had that kind of effect on other people. Her joy and happiness was contagious that the people around her couldn’t help but laugh with her whenever she cracks a joke. She was always cheering other people up and for him, she was the most selfless person he had ever known. But she never let people know whenever she was sad and that was when he always looked out for her. He was grateful for the trust she gave him that she was comfortable enough to open up and be vulnerable to him. And he loved her even more for that.

    Elmo finally let a small smile escape from his lips when she started to laugh as she grooved her body with her newfound friends. When he couldn’t wait any longer, he finally made his way to Julie, his body slightly moving to the beat of a new song blasting from the speakers. And when he got to her, he held her waist and pulled her body to his. Julie immediately wrapped her arms around his neck, recognizing his touch and scent right away. She smiled at him and he knew that she was only a little bit tipsy.

    He wanted to thank her for the second time that night for looking out for herself very well.

    They danced for a few minutes then she leaned in to his ear and spoke through the loud music. “Are you here to take me home?”

    He just gave her an apologetic smile when she leaned back and waited for his answer. Her face fell and she pouted adorably. “But I don’t want to go home yet…”

    He understood where she was coming from so he just held her there and continued dancing. “Then come with me,” he said as he moved his body with hers and though he was not much of a great dancer, Julie made him feel confident enough to dance with her. “Let’s travel together.”

    He knew it was a selfish thing to do— running away from everything— but he wanted to be selfish for her. For Julie, who had always thought of others before herself.

    She giggled and stopped moving then raised an eyebrow at him. “Niyayaya mo ba ako makipagtanan sa’yo?”

    Elmo laughed at her remark before he answered. “I didn’t think about it that way. But yeah, sure,” he said back, winking at her.

    She appeared to be contemplating his suggestion as she stared at him. “Where are we going though?” She asked, her eyebrows pulled together.

    "I don’t know yet," he answered, not really having a plan in mind. "But I’d go anywhere with you," he whispered as softly as his gaze at her.

    It was then when they finally noticed that the upbeat music was replaced with a mellow one and every couple was dancing on the floor with them.

    She smiled gratefully at him before she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck, pulling him closer. “You’d do that for me?”

    "I’d do anything for you, baby," he said as a matter-of-factly, kissing her forehead.

    She didn’t answer and just buried her face on his neck. They swayed to the soft music in the background and pulled each other as close as humanly possible.

    Elmo heard her sigh and he knew that Julie finally somehow felt better. After a few moments, she finally broke the silence between them.

    "Thank you baby for being here. You always know where to find me," she whispered but enough for him to hear.

    He planted a kiss on her temple as he answered as softly. “Only because you always let me.”

    Note: This one’s for the birthday girl. Happy birthday, Ate @HPmarie30! :)

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    Meg Magazine March issue ft. JuliElmo! Grab a copy!

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    Listen to Sarah Geronimo and Elmo Magalona’s version of #DoTheMoves! Love their version? Download a copy now!

  6. We Give In Sometimes

    Julie woke up to the light kisses on her bare back and she couldn’t help but smile. Last night was probably the best night of her life so far, as she finally gave herself to the man who loved her as much as she loved him.

    She was lying flat on her stomach and tangled in Elmo Magalona’s sheets as he showered feathery kisses on her back, then on her shoulders then it came up to her neck until his lips found hers.

    "Good morning, baby," he greeted after giving her a soft peck.

    She smiled at him though her eyes were still closed. “Good morning, Moe.” She slowly opened her eyes and adjusted to the rays of sunlight that were peeking through his bedroom window. “What time is it?”

    He gave her an apologetic smile before answering, “Uh, 8:40 in the morning.”

    "What?!" She immediately flipped on her back as she shrieked. She had probably caused a hearing loss to Elmo. "May klase ako ng 7!!!"

    She panicked, trying to sit up. But she could feel she was a little sore. And her muscles she didn’t know she had were aching like she just had a marathon.

    "Hey, relax," he said calmly, placing a hand on her arm and gesturing her to lie back on the bed again with him as he gave her the smile she knew she couldn’t resist.

    She was hesitant but she complied, nonetheless. “I have school today, why didn’t you wake me up?” She demanded, frowning as she turned sideways to face him.

    "Wag ka nang pumasok," he suggested as he started to kiss her jaw down to the crook of her neck. "Let’s just spend the whole day together," he whispered, his hands started wandering under the covers.

    As much as this idea sounded really fun and appealing to her, she still didn’t want to miss an entire day at school. “Pero—”

    She tried to protest but he cut her off before she could. “Sige na, please?”

    She felt his hand brushing over her breast slightly that she forgot what she was about to say. He continued kissing her neck until he found her lips again and gave her a slow and passionate kiss.

    "Bad influence ka ah," she breathed when he pulled away for a second before he dove in again. She moaned as the kiss intensified more by the second.

    His hand was caressing her stomach as he used the other to push himself up to move on top of her.

    "You know you want it, too," he purred while he moved his lips to her collarbone, sucking slightly and licking all the way to the middle of her chest.

    Her hands flew instantly to his hair, softly pulling on the short snd soft strands. “But—”

    "Please, baby?" He stopped kissing her body for a moment so he could look her in the eyes as he pleaded.

    She just wanted his lips back on her skin as soon as possible so she blurted out, “Sige na nga.”

    "Yes!" He exclaimed as he glided his tongue along her stomach until it reached her navel. "Thank you, babe."

    His kisses went back up to her chest and she gasped when he took one mound to his mouth and softly sucked on it. She couldn’t help but pull his head closer to her as she was left wanting more.

    "Breakfast tayo, you want?" He asked as he switched to the other, shifting so he was now settled between her legs but barely touching.

    She forgot all her coherent thoughts when she felt him on her leg: hard and throbbing. But she managed to croak out, “Breakfast in bed?”

    "Sure," he mumbled, still working on her mounds as his fingers started to feel the most sensitive part of her body.

    He was drawing little circles with his hand down there that almost drove her mad and she raised her hips instinctively, wanting more from his touch. With all the teasing he had been doing since she woke up, there was no doubt that she was so ready she didn’t even need any more prelude to what was coming.

    "So what’s for breakfast?" She asked in a small voice, her insides were already aching in anticipation. She was already breathing hard. She braced herself and put her hands on his strong and bulging arms as she waited for his next move.

    He looked into her eyes as a small wicked smile formed on the corner of his lips. He leaned in to lick her lower lip, all the while pushing his hips inifinitesimally to hers so she could feel him wanting her so badly. She couldn’t help but close her eyes and moan from the pleasure of that little contact.

    Then in a painfully slow manner, he buried himself inside of her as he seductively whispered to her ear,


    And she totally forgot about her classes and surrendered to him completely, knowing that it won’t hurt giving in sometimes especially to the man she loved with all her heart.

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    BTS: JuliElmo for Meg Magazine March 2014

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Happy days :)

I remember seeing this Check It Out prod (May 17, 2011, right? Birthday ni Julie!!!) on Eat Bulaga by accident and I instantly fell in love with their magic. ♥


    Happy days :)

    I remember seeing this Check It Out prod (May 17, 2011, right? Birthday ni Julie!!!) on Eat Bulaga by accident and I instantly fell in love with their magic. ♥

  10. The Thing About Love

    "I used to do something like this with my first boyfriend before," Julie muttered as she climbed on Elmo’s car and sat on the hood. "Not exactly like this but we used to sneak out in the middle of the night to swim in the beach or something."

    They went out for a dinner date to celebrate their first anniversary as a couple and they both didn’t want to go home yet so they decided to do a roadtrip. They ended up driving to a cliff that overlooked the whole city. It was already past midnight so some of the lights from the buildings and houses down the city looked so beautiful from where they were.

    "How was it?" Elmo asked, still standing and watching the city sleep below them.

    "How was what? Swimming in the beach at this time of night? It was so freaking cold!" She exclaimed.

    He turned around and walked toward his car as he spoke. “No, how was it? Being in love with him?” His voice was not laced with jealousy; just pure curiosity.

    She then was silent for a second before she laughed once.

    "Why are you laughing?" He tilted his head to the side as he asked, throwing her a confused look.

    "I just don’t know how to answer your question," she started, struggling to find the right words. "It was just something I was not really sure of.. Even after all this time."

    He slightly jumped to his hood and sat next to her. “What do you mean?”

    "I just think that I’ve never been in love before," she said as she decided to lie on her back and just look at the stars. "I did love him, though." She looked at him but he didn’t speak as though he knew she wasn’t done talking yet. So she continued, "But I believe that loving someone is entirely and completely different from being in love with someone."

    He smirked at her as he started to lean back on his car’s windshield so they were lying next to each other. “Wow, I didn’t realize you were a deep person,” Elmo teased.

    She laughed and smacked his arm playfully. “Jerk!”

    "I’m kidding. Go on, I wanna hear your thoughts," he encouraged. He noticed that Julie was slightly shivering from the cold so he removed his hoodie and put it on her.

    She gratefully smiled at him before she spoke again. “Well, there were those times I thought I fell in love. Like with my first boyfriend. But our relationship ended and someone came along and proved me wrong. Then I felt like I finally had fallen in love with this someone, like for real, but then I eventually fell out of love and I met someone new again and so on.” She shrugged. “You know the drill.”

    He nodded his head slightly in agreement. “You’ve got a point. So why do you think that you’ve never been in love if you know you did love them?” He asked further.

    It was actually the first time that they had a conversation like this though they had been a couple for a year now. It made her smile that they could talk about anything under the sun like their past relationships and even their views about things like love. At times like this, they were more like bestfriends rather than a couple. And they enjoyed this kind of moment where they were really comfortable with each other.

    She frowned as though determined to prove a point while she started to explain. “Because I think no one ever really falls out of love with someone. I mean you already fell in, how are you supposed to fall out of it? It is love we are talking about here,” she said, emphasizing the L-word. “I think that.. if you fall in love, like true love, it’s for a lifetime. That’s the thing about love,” she finished, her eyes still exploring the night sky but focused.

    "So you’re saying that we only fall in love once," he concluded as he glanced at her.


    "And are you also trying to say that I’ve never been in love before you, either?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

    She giggled. “I don’t know about you. It was just my perspective.”

    "I actually believe you, you know."

    "Really, now?" She asked with a dubious expression as she glanced back at him.

    "Yep, I just realized that maybe it’s the reason why relationships end. Or why people eventually fall out of love. Or why it’s not impossible to move on,” he said, nodding his head in realization as he spoke. “Because you were never really in love to begin with.”

    "Wow, I didn’t realize you were a deep person," she said mockingly, quoting his line from earlier.

    He ignored her remark and smiled as he gazed at her softly, it melted her heart. “But I am in love with you,” he said in a low voice, just audible enough for her heart to hear. His voice was full of conviction and certainty.

    "How sure are you, though?" She challenged with a smile.

    He smiled back and answered confidently, ”Sure enough to know that you’re the one I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.” He caressed her cheek with his knuckles then whispered, “I just can’t imagine myself getting tired of us, much less falling out of love with you.”

    She didn’t answer as she was rendered speechless by his words. So she just moved closer to him and leaned in to give him a sweet kiss on the lips. She then smiled at him, expressing the words she couldn’t say.

    "So how would you know if you have already fallen in love with someone?" Elmo asked. She thought she could hear a tinge of nervousness in his voice.

    She paused for a moment as she returned her gaze at the sky and gathered her thoughts. She realized she hadn’t really thought about it with all the thinking she had done in the past. Maybe she wasn’t sure about it before and thought she’d just feel it when that time came. But she gave him an answer anyway because he deserved one.

    Julie took a deep breath and blurted out the first thing that came to her mind. “Well, I guess it’s when I finally stop questioning things about love,” she paused. “Because for me, that someone already defines the whole meaning of that four-letter word,” she answered simply, still gazing above them, taking in the beauty of the sky and her voice full of wonder.

    It came out so easily like a random thought but Julie realized that it was probably the most real thing she had ever said in her life. And it finally hit her.

    "Really, huh?" Elmo said, absorbing everything she just said. He then turned his head sideways to look at her, then asked rather hesitantly, "Questions like what?"

    She looked back at him and reached for his hand between them, giving it a squeeze before she looked straight into his eyes. “I don’t know. What questions are you talking about?” She whispered as she smiled, her eyes twinkling.

    Because truth be told, he was all she could think about in that moment that she had already forgotten about the questions and everything else. And as she gazed at him, she realized she stopped asking those questions about love the moment she met him.

    Note: This was actually supposed to be a personal blog but I think my thoughts are better written in one shot form. So… yeah. :)